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A Truly Bahamian Property
Management & Event Coordination Firm


Uva, the Spanish word for grape, from early history has been associated with blessings and bounty with its vines representing the center where happiness begins.

As a destination and event management firm, creating happy moments and unique experiences is our primary objective.  From celebrating a personal occasion by dining on the gin-waters of our beautiful islands, to celebrating a new born, we believe that every experience is organic with unique needs and service provisions. This is why at Uva,  we don’t tell you what we do, instead we ask you, “What do you want us to do to make your dreams come true?”

And, like fine wine, we carefully and skillfully craft and   bottle your experiences the way only UVA can! You’ll then experience why our relationship with you only gets better with time.


Uva Management functions and operations are client-centric.  With hospitality, marketing and real estate experience, the team at UVA appreciates the client's original dream and offers a unique approach to realizing it.


Our enthusiasm makes what we do memorable.

What makes Uva different?

The thought and method behind UVA is simple - tell us what you want and we make it happen.

This begins with a comprehensive plan that starts from the seedling of a thought from the development of a project that is systematic, consultative and personal to you and finally the execution of a memorable event!


Our creative team is attentive to detail.  We can compliment your plan through careful research and follow the trending markets to ensure that our advice is always fresh and relevant. Cross pollination of events allows us to serve from the large corporate communities to smaller more intimate events. We are able to help regardless of the size of your event; from an executive conclave on the sandy island of Exuma to couples doodling on canvas with wine and cheese…we do it all!


"Ooh how convenient shopping is for me when you go somewhere and find unique pieces.  UVA has made me love shopping again."

- Joanne

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