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We offer customized packages to suit our clients’ needs. Our à la carte service is the truest expression of individualism, just like the uniqueness of each grape in harvest.

UVA is a multi-faceted firm that focuses on Event Coordination, Project Management and Property Management Services.


UVA's experts coordinate and execute personalized services to a cross section of High Net-Worth individuals and companies within the local market..


Our high-end personalized service will leave clients recalling their experiences and reliving every moment.


Our expert consultants are innovative and will meet your objectives.

WE attract groups and individuals who dream big and who are not afraid to tell us what they want.


Our successes are truly due to our customized design packages that suit our clients' needs and fulfill their objectives.

Our management team is excited that we are not ordinary in our approach or our thought process.

We welcome the unique and eclectic lifestyle of our clients as we insist on making all of our experiences memorable.

UVA's team can make barrels turn to bottles in an instant.

UVA is authentic and intentional about engagements. 

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